November 20, 2011

Funny Situation.

Last year at this time I was celebrating the American Thanksgiving. This year, as I am in my own country once more; I celebrated Harvest Home or Thanksgiving here in Canada this past October 10th. So I begin this blog by extending a hearty 'Happy Thanksgiving' to our southern neighbors.

I feel that I am in a 'funny' or unique situation. I watch all that is going on around me and realize that I am one of probably many; that won't be spending Christmas with their children. One of my children is far away, another
still isn't speaking to me; as they haven't for at least the last 12 years and the last is having personal challenges. So no grandchildren climbing on my knee.

When I was young and right up to my thirties, my siblings and I and our respective families always spent Christmas with our family. That is with my Mom and Dad. Now that both our parents are gone, we don't get together and that saddens me a great deal. The traditions that went with our Christmases past seem to have disappeared. The promise and hope that they came with those traditions have become invisible.

All this brings me to this clear and obvious point. When you have an opportunity to have good times with family and /or friends enjoy them because you never know when they will end. Think hard and long; as to who are the important people in your life. Once you decipher who are the main folks for you; make sure that they feel their importance all the time, not just on holidays. I can tell you one thing for sure, hindsight is always better than foresight. But if you think before you act, you may be fortunate enough not to have that running through your mind a few years from now.

The other thing that has come to mind about relationships and the holidays is this idea. If you want to give something to someone you love and don't have much dough then use your imagination and think of something nice you can create for them. Better something from the heart than nothing at all! Whether you give them a piece of clothing or a an ornament
you make or write a poem or short story; it will be appreciated as you are giving of yourself. Don't leave things till the last minute; whether store bought or homemade gifts are given. Be ahead of deadlines in all projects or you will be feeling bad because Sue got hers and Jane didn't. Most of all enjoy all the time you spend shopping or creating for or visiting with your special people. Be good company when you are with the folk that are so dear to you. That way you will probably have a chance to see them on the next occasion.

Last; but not least, don't whine about all the things that didn't happen last year or the conflicts that did etc. Stay in the moment and give of yourself without being a miser or placing limitations on the occasion, the people or yourself.

Note: Believe when I say that I wrote that last bit for myself as much as you folks!

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