June 28, 2011

Agatha Christie Is Spot On!

I offer this as an quote that represents some of my experience in all my travels since living here in Canada in 1998. Oh Agatha ...you were spot on then and you are now as well!

"You know the people who always have a noble and good reason to mask their meaner actions? The people who 'have to be honest' when they want to be unkind, who 'thought it their duty to repeat so and so' who are such hypocrites to themselves that they go through to their life's end convinced that every mean and beastly action was done in a spirit of unselfishness! Try and realize that the opposite of those people can exist, too. People who are so cynical, so distrustful of themselves and of life that they can only believe in their bad motives." -Quote from "Remembered Death' by Agatha Christie; author and observer of people and thus a philosopher.

I might add that there are also those of us who are manipulated because of our openness, by the above people and get shafted; because we foolishly and naively trust too readily.

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