March 13, 2011

Use Our Hearts!

Here it is around 5 am and I haven't been able to sleep since I woke up at 3 am. Sometimes the restlessness comes from being a little older these days. I find it very strange and some what humorous being classified as a 'baby boomer'. After all I suppose I am in my second childhood; but it really shouldn't count!

I still think that Big Brother is watching us all; perhaps even more than in November 14th of last year; when I wrote an article with that title. I know for a fact no one has read my article entitled "Our Friends Deserve Better" from that same month; otherwise I think that the government would have been more forth coming. What is happening in these United States...heck the whole of North America, stinks! A lot of the things that make this nation fair and comfortable for the poor and middle class are evidently coming under the Republican sword. Things like unions that make sure people are treated fairly, all the many loan and grant programs so people can keep their homes, and proper health insurance for everyone that can't afford the horrible prices of modern medicine. It just might help to give fairer taxes instead of cuts to the rich. Much the same things are happening in my birth country of Canada. Honestly; if some of the Scandinavian countries can afford to have their citizens enjoy life to the extent they do, why can't this democracy in America continue to improve ours as well?

All of us, regardless of political persuasion, should just forget our differences, start thinking with
our hearts and work together. Maybe then, we would have a chance of pulling this country out of the economic toilet in which it is drowning. Then all of us would be able to have a share in the American dream and it would no longer be a myth to the majority of people who live here. Perhaps then, there would be less jealousy and anger over who has what and why.

It saddens me deeply when I think what the children and grandchildren of our generation are going to have to face if we don't fix this dilemma. People came to this continent of North America to find self-respect, a more abundant life, and their own little piece of Eden. Unfortunately, no one was/is monitoring themselves as they go along in life. To have proper esteem for one's self one must respect others in all regards, to have a more abundant life one must fight for the rights of others and to have your own piece of Eden you must help others find theirs. The GOP are terrifically good at blaming the current president for all the ills befalling the USA now. However they seem to forget the horrific order of things thanks to their party and former Republican presidents; that Mr. Oboma inherited from them. Perhaps the majority party in the Capital should remember this and then maybe we can fix this mess that they have created.


Dana Morgan said...

My Cat Sunny walks on my computer desk too! He blocks my view how frustrating! Is this one of your babies?

R. D. Shultz said...

Yes it is Dana.