February 15, 2011

Writing Puzzles Can Be Solved

I think that today just may be one of those off days. Trying to figure out how to do things on my domain and not getting especially inspired. Thought I would think out loud to a degree and perhaps that would help. Word has it for a 'professional' domain to work you have to set it up in a particular manner. So there I was trying to be both inspired and constricted. :) That is so strained and strange. Okay so lets write freely then fit it into the plan. Yep that will work! If you understand what I just said you can use my new technique.

Writing is a delight. Except when you come up against the wall of writers block. But most times all you need to do is just to take a break from it and come back later when you have gotten some respite. This is the time when you usually can get the old creative juices flowing again.

What I usually do is just write and write an
d write until I can't stay awake; because I am on what is known as a 'roll'. Some people can go to sleep, wake up, and write again in the middle of a 'streak' like this. I can not do that. I have to work until I literally drop or I don't get all I need to get finished up. However; I must tell you this, Terry Pratchett said it best when he said, "Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself". It is my opinion that Mr. Pratchett is correct. I love writing... even enjoy writing for business projects. And if my writing helps me earn some money? - so much the better.

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