January 31, 2011

Been Working to Make Pin Money.

Been working away at articles for my business blog which hopefully will be ready soon, I will make you aware when that is done.

I have been reflecting a lot on some of the things happening in my life of late. If I haven't given you a cautionary note about these things yet I will now.
1. If you are moving do not use Destination Van Lines, Inc. My thoughts are based on the service I did not receive when I moved with them in June of last year. Take a look at this if you want to see my report.
2. I have successfully been smoke free since last July.
3. I am working hard to put in some walking for health as many days in the week are possible.
4. Eating as healthy foods as possible although chocolate is far too alluring.
5. Making sure my kitties and dog have all the things they need for health.
6. Putting the trip to see my children together in the Spring.
I suppose some of that can be put under the heading of resolutions.

The other thing that is on my mind today is that I want write new blog entries more often.
Instead of twice a month at least once a week. So you may be able to catch my pearls of wisdom more often. Til I write my next post Dear Readers I will be sticking around here.


Mary said...

Hey Auntie Ruth!

That's a crying shame, FD's attitude and so-called service. Did you pay them for nothing? Sorry about not leaving a comment before now. Not really sure about blog etiquette, tell ya the truth. LOL

So why didn't you tell us you'd quit smoking in July? Ma and I need to hear all the family success stories as we're still puffing away!

Is there room for a veggie garden in back yard? [insert winking smilie face]

I'll be watching for more about your trip this Spring. Take care and keep eating healthy!

Love from Mary and Betty;o}

Mary said...

BTW, I didn't write down New Years resolutions. Have discovered that's very stress-inducing! haha

But I keep a few in my head that haven't changed in over 20 years. They're very easy to remember. :o(

Wish anonymous comments were allowed. There's Ma Bell and emailing for those tho'. ;o)