December 4, 2010

Older or Better?

Remember those old Clairol commercials where they told the audience; "You're not getting older, you're getting

Well I am here to revise that quote. I am turning 63 on the 9th of December and older is fine with me. It just doesn't seem to be fine with the rest of the world. : ) My life aside from the children is very active. My children and grandkids are very important in my thoughts, heart, and life. In fact, aside from being a parent, I have had more fun in the last 12 years than I have had in the rest of my adult life. I truly belief that not only am I getting older but with each year I am learning to be happier and lead a more interesting interior life than ever before.

In this age of Botox and firming creams; the quote "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be" is lost. It just amazes me that in an era when Baby Boomers represent 30% of the population that youth is so highly exalted. What has happened to respecting those who had truths to pass down, respecting one's elders, and sitting at the feet of wisdom?

I think that life in the 21st century is amazing; however like any time in history, there are problems politically, economically, and socially. I think; however we could do with taking a few ideas from the old days. Things like the members of an extended family giving mutual help to each other. People having access to good inexpensive health and non-term life insurance to cover funeral costs. Good, well structured, food co-ops. Everyone given a proper opportunity to have a nice place of their own and a way of making an income enjoyably.

Oh, by the way, I am still an idealist of sorts. I probably am more of an pessimistic
optimist than a straight forward optimist. I want to believe that most people are good; but I know that there are a percentage of people, that are quite opposite to this. It is amazing that I have gotten to this age. I have known 'bad' people. Every day that I have lived amongst human kind, has rendered me less likely to be shocked by what they are capable of doing. But I still believe that human kind is capable of great good, nobility and kindness every day. All each of us need is a good, loving, and kind belief system and the determination to be as good or better than what we want others to be.

So, what have I learned? That my happiness does not depend on anyone else but can
only be enhanced by others. That I am a successful human being if I succeed in being the best child, mother, sister, aunt, grandma and partner I can be. Most of all, that I am not loved for what I do or can do; but who I am. I just try to do nice things for people because that makes my life feel better each day.

So Happy Birthday to me and thank God for my life! Perhaps I am exactly who I was meant to be today!

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