November 8, 2010

Days of Dylan and Bare Feet Gone?

I remember a time in my life when I believed in total freedom, and people helping one another in all areas of life. I lived on a commune farm, wore bell-bottoms and madras tops. We created protest signs some of which I carried. All of us took part in growing our organic vegetables on the farm and milking our cow. I could consume large amounts of food and not gain weight. I spent long afternoons on city beaches, viewed Fritz the Cat at a movie festival, went to Mariposa Folk Festival, Woodstock and New Port Jazz Fest. I lived in the Village in the 60's and Spanish Harlem for more than year in the early 70's. I was a extraordinarily accomplished baker, a champion of substitution, and made the best brownies anywhere.

I still believe in freedom but on a more personal level. I don't try to change the world anymore; just a little corner of it. I do my best to buy good produce. I don't eat a lot of red meat but am not a vegetarian any longer. I wear jeans, a lot of leopard print, and bright cat t-shirts. I still love Dylan, Melanie, the Beatles, folk music, psychedelic rock, music festivals, and warm city beaches. I don't bake brownies anymore nor do I go to Harlem or the Village.

Every decade in my life has taught me a little about myself and the world around me. For instance; I can't smoke anymore, I don't like large crowds at all, anything I eat goes right on my hips, my tolerance for pungent smells is low, I can't stand on these old pins for a very long time nor can I walk a long way. But I still walk bare foot whenever possible, enjoy chick peas in all kinds of salads and soups, and love bright prints and colors.

So the Days of Dylan and bare feet are not gone just revised. Oh by the way I still love Fritz. He is one of my guilty pleasures.

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