September 4, 2010

Surfing the World Wide Web.

When I was young I thought it would be grand to live in California and surf my heart out. Now I virtually surf and I can tell you it is a time consuming thing. However I have found several traffic exchange sites that help a surfer like me to go straight to a number of their favorite sites at one time. I truly enjoy the whole surfing experience. The fact that I want to drive the traffic to my sites almost seems beside the point.

I have learned a lot of things in the past month just by surfing the WWW. I have been a long time fan of Bob Dylan and just realized he had a son Jakob in the music business who rivals his father's efforts when he was a younger man.

I have discovered that a non-gluten diet may just diminish my joint pains and the numbness in my left hand. It would be very nice not to have so much pain and not to have to take so much naproxen sodium.

I have learned a lot of other things as well about doggie dermatology, how to run ads for free, where the least expensive flea meds for pets can be purchased, how to prepare appetizing polenta and so much more.

It seems as though my learning curve has gotten higher since I have been on the WWW.
I have had access to it in one form or another since the 1980's. I have been on the internet since 1969. I never got into internet marketing until the early 90's. Most of my time on computers until then was in chat rooms and surfing for information to quench my curiosity.

I have come across an interesting site put together by 60 year old gentleman living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He says in his submission that many will say he is old but like him I wonder how come such a young at heart soul can be so old. Evidently, he loves music; classical music and you can see almost 11,00 scores at Hemmingway's Studio . Good for you Hemmingway! He has tuxedo cat too that he seems to hold in great regard. Hope that Or
eo and you are both well!

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