July 9, 2010

Emergency Trip ASAP And Other Observations.

Hi Folks! I am going to go to the hospital emergency as soon as possible. My leg truly needs looking at and it hurts worse everyday.

Other than that life is wonderful on Long Island. My three animals have adapted well to their new life with our friend Dennis. We all love our new apartment. We have a bounty of technology as well as the simple things that make life enjoyable. I have had quite a bit of time to get used to the area we are in and I am absolutely in love with my neighborhood. There are friendly business people as well as friendly neighbors. It is everything and more than I hoped for when I was packing in OK! I hope that everyone moving this summer is this fortunate in finding a place to live.

As has been of late; this posting will be short and sweet. Until next time ... have a good day and God bless you all.

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