May 28, 2010

We need to find a HOME Again!

Thanks to a new friend in NY my fur babies will have a place to lay their little heads for awhile. The new place in NY unfortunately turned out to be nothing but a con by a fake project manager of a nonexistent company. So we have to find a new place by the end of June. However I am still on my way to New York tomorrow.

We need to rent a one bedroom apartment, on Long Island in northerly section of North Massapequa, or Bethpage or Northwest Farmingale near Boundary Avenue give or take 7 to 10 blocks in either a north or south direction or in Plainedge near Wyoming Ave please tell me in comments or use email. We have two very well behaved Tabby cats and an equally well behaved 6 lb Pomeranian. They are part of the family and we can't adopt them out. Surely you can offer a place for us. Children and teens, God Bless them; often make a great deal more mess and can not be discriminated against...why should are furry friends go without us or a home?

We also need a covered space in which to keep and charge an electric bike.

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