March 10, 2010

A Potpourri Of Spring Like Thoughts!

March the 20th is the first day of spring this year. I live in Oklahoma and the seasons are not really defined as well as they are back east. Next year I will see the seasons change with more distinction. The reason for this is I shall have moved back east, closer to my native Canada, to New York State.

When I was a child I loved seeing the crocuses and hyacinths peeking out bravely from the brown earth in my Mother's garden. They marked a new beginning; when the air seemed a little crisper and fresher. My Mom always made salads with a variety vegetables in them and said good bye to iceberg lettuce until the fall. The wild violets would turn up on our lawn in a mass of purple hues. Yes spring is definitely my favourite season.

Easter is coming next month and Lent has been going for 21 days now. I really had hoped I could give up tabacco this year; but unfortunately I am still smoking. I know that NY is almost a 'non-smoking' state and it would benefit me to stop; but I have been smoking for over 50 years. It is definitely a hard habit to break. I may just have to because none of the nice rentals allow it.

I also know it is spring because of Teddy. He is my orange and white Tuxedo Tabby. I think spring has given him some zip to his step. He has been sprinting around the house like a cat on fire. Dylan, my Pomeranian is absolutely silly these days. Morin my orange Tabby; well he is just as docile as ever. After all he is in his autumn years so he sleeps a lot.

Of course I am in an absolute panic because I need to have my home packed up and ready to go by the middle of May. I know that I have much more to pack than what I came with in 1998. I have things of my daughters', my best friends', and all my new stuff. I also have a lot of my late husbands things to go through and either pack, dispose of or sell. Well I am involved doing all this I must keep up with my every day life as well. I have an online business to run and work to do on the computer. I also have outside interests that need attending. Each day that goes by I hope that I get more sleep that night; but I am averaging only about 4 to 5 hours a night which isn't enough. (Any one out there in virtual land have an idea on the sleep issue?) All I can do is try to get more tonight. As a lot of friends say to me; "This too shall pass". I swear when my friend; who is driving the moving van, and I get to NY I will kiss the ground as soon as I get there. For me unpacking isn't half as earth shattering as packing up things.

When I get frustrated I simply tell myself that I've survived for the first 63 years. I shall survive the next 30 or so. If I am lucky it may be 40 more wonderful lucid years. After all Mom survived for 103 years. She just might have passed on the gene. At any rate I am still not ready to play a harp yet.

Come March, No Matter What, Me And All That Is Mine Are Rolling!

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Note: I may not to be able to post anything untill June but I shall try.