August 22, 2009

Talking About Windows

It has been my experience in life that every time a door closes a window opens for me almost within the month. Here are three good examples of this from my own life.

It hasn't been more than a month since my little exotic died and within a week of her death; Dylan picked me to be his companion. It is amazing how well this little Pomeranian gets along with my two remaining male cats. It is so much fun to watch the three animals interact. They run about the house 'buzz bombing each other, playing tag, or playing with the different toys they share. The three even sleep cuddled together on the couch.

A friend of mine and I had a disagreement last spring and although I was not opposed to making up; they did not seem to want to move on. We found ourselves at function totally unaware that the other had been invited. The host introduced us as being people that just might have a conversation in common. The situation was so ludicrous that we both burst out laughing and we have been fine ever since.

Right at the moment I survive on a limited income. I don't have any health insurance and a large bill had been sent to my address for emergency treatment I had received at a local hospital. A few days after I got the bill I phoned the hospital billing office to see if I could pay it a bit at a time. The staff person at the other end told me I was eligible for funds that would help me pay the bill. I am very grateful for that window; believe me.

I suppose what I am saying is this; that in the world in which I live; there are solutions. Sometimes they come as straight unaided blessings and sometimes they need a little nudge. But I find if I just remain optimistic and ask the God of my understanding for the answers; they always come in time.

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