February 21, 2009

Sometimes Life Bites!

“Cats are kindly masters, just so long as you remember your place.” ~ Paul Gray

It sure is hard to believe that February is almost over! So I thought I had better get in this month's two cents or is that 'sense'? Many times this month I have found myself wondering what the heck I am doing in a day. Just this past week, I just about ran out of gas, had a belt bust on me while driving, had a near collision at 44th and Penn, been mugged, and today I was locked out of my house for awhile because I forgot my pocketbook. Time was that I would have worried about these incidents long past the time of occurrence or ruminated on them till I was sick.

I don't do that anymore. Life is far to short...besides I got home in the nick of time, someone noticed the damaged belt before I had an accident with the car, I did not end up having an car accident, I scared my assailant out of his boots, and as you see I am in my home again thanks to a good neighbor.

My friends, there is a point to all this banter. The thing is this we shall always have little and big things going wrong in our lives; but if we approach it all with a good sense of humor and old fashioned common sense we shall survive! The human condition has always been riddled with ups and downs. As long as we keep our spirits up nothing can get us down.

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