January 18, 2009

Someone Out There ....Do You Know The Answer?

Sometimes I feel like I am very small and insignificant when I must deal with some of the government issues one does at my time of life.

I need health insurance but really can't afford it. I need some insurance to take care of things when I die...you know the cremation, the memorial service and any medical expenses so my family don't have to deal with it. I need dental, vision, and prescription insurance or plans. Where do you get all this stuff and if you are on a fixed income doesn't the government give you some of this here in the USA? Oh no... it is Canada that has Universal health or at least it used to prior to 1998 when I lived there.

I am telling you trying to figure all of this stuff out is a colossal task to say the least. I think I had better do some research. Perhaps I will understand how it works much better once I have read some of the information on the government sights directed to the Seniors.

Who am I kidding? I know that that will only mix me up even more. Now why in heaven's name shouldn't I be able to do this thing? After all I have a 'black belt" in blogging. I know how to set up a website, write articles, use paypal, etc. Why does this task seem so particularly daunting? Oh well...I shall return soon...hopefully with the answers!

Then perhaps I shall feel more like this.-------->

I did point out in the previous article that I would have challenges but that I would conquer them. Awww me!

I shall keep you posted!

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greenehawke said...

Ruth. No one finds the government maze SIMPLE. Two things I have found as I weave my way thru the processes for my Mom and family members and friends. 1. Every county has an Area Commission on Aging or some similar name and they have lots of info and advocates. 2. There is almost always ONE person in your town who knows all the proper connections. Try asking who was the past chamber of commerce president or retired minister of some church. They usually have lots of contacts who can help. Bless you with your search and struggle. DonnaB